Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Uprising

Somewhere behind the scenes,
There must be a time travelling me, 
Holding multiple scenarios of my times and lives,
Extended by the rope they could be?

And then maybe he nudged once a while..
To see how strong
The response could be

He would lighten up each time maybe
To see tears of dying hope
Throughout the night he would see her cry
And still would not pacify

The disease was now too wide spread
And slowly her will started to wither
This was not about a doctor in need
But a companion that she sought after

When hope ran too low
And the symptoms were severe
She could feel the curse
That was cast on her

A trusted love
Though failed to see
Her pain and misery
Her call to thee

She had to pick the fallen pieces
Of her heart before her body
Blaming her destiny
Would be an easy remedy

A long fight that lay ahead
Gave her the grim
The devil greeted her in many forms
While pain seethed her skin

She sought after the eternal
but he believed in love too
if you cant gather help
i dont think i can help too

He gave the advice
For me to look within
Dont rely on the world 
Too busy with their sins

She longed to sleep
Peacefully one day
Without the thoughts 
Of the disease conquering in any way

It was the cancer
Of the mind more than the body
Widespread and deep
Embracing her spirit

And on her way through the dwindling light
A restricting alliance she eagerly sought
Amongst all the hidden boundaries 
A little solace to her it bought

She gathered her strength
With all her might
Put the lever ahead 
To put up the fight

She would show the time traveller
His time for sport was over
It's now her turn to play
Just move on over!

PS: The title credit goes to a very dear friend Mayur. The author can rarely proceed without his opinions in these matters... :p


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